Message from the CEO
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It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to Methodist College Kuala Lumpur! You will begin on an exciting journey of intellectual discovery. MCKL's excellent track record will ensure that.

You will meet fellow students from all over Malaysia and the world who will widen your horizons. They come from all backgrounds and bring with them bright, inquisitive minds that make every study session a stimulating one.

You will be guided by lecturers who are experienced and passionate about their fields of study. They will challenge you to explore deeper into your particular areas of interests.

You will enjoy the fun-filled and challenging programs for personal development. You will have opportunities to be involved with community projects that will take learning and personal growth beyond the confines of the classroom.

MCKL is in the centre of the transportation hub of Kuala Lumpur city. Attractive shopping malls in Bangsar, KLCC, Meridien or Hilton and Petaling Street are just a few stops away by bus, LRT or monorail.

We have provided quality education in the best of Methodist traditions since 1983 and we emphasize age old values in a new millennial era of science and technology. We continue to open doors to greater opportunities for you to succeed in the career of your choice.

Chief Executive Officer