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Head Of Department, Computing

What you will be doing?

Programme Management

  1. Create and manage budget for the programme.
  2. Setting targets and planning for enrolment; determining intakes, monitoring student numbers and attrition rates.
  3. Carry out course planning (determining learning outcomes, assessments, content and instructional tasks, staff workload etc.)
  4. Conduct curriculum planning/assessment/review to improve learning outcomes.
  5. Monitor students’ progress and welfare (attendance, performance, progress, pastoral care etc.)
  6. Promote intra-departmental and inter-departmental communications.

Human Management

  1. Make appropriate selection of staff to teach courses offered in the programme.
  2. Provide opportunities for growth and professional development.
  3. Conduct staff appraisals according to HR guidelines and procedures.
  4. Facilitate intra-departmental and inter-departmental communications.

Teaching/Classroom Management

  1. Will be assigned to teach 1-2 classes per semester.
  2. To plan, prepare and deliver lectures/tutorials/coursework and teaching & learning activities in the respective programme.
  3. Constantly update and facilitate the development of academic resources. This includes sourcing for textbooks, reference books and other academic materials.
  4. Assists in development of learning materials, preparing schemes of work and maintaining records to monitor students’ progress, achievement and attendance.
  5. Development of learning materials include quizzes, assignments, tutorial/projects, assessments etc.
  6. To provide the necessary guidance and advice to students in their learning (especially academically weak students).
  7. To prepare and set assessments/examinations for the assigned courses, submit for vetting and marking of exam papers.
  8. To be involved in invigilation duties as and when assigned/required.​


  1. Will be appointed as the Chairperson in:
  • Programme Curriculum Committee
  • Industry Advisory Panel
  • Curriculum Review Committee
  • Programme Monitoring Committee
  • Programme Review Committee
  1. As a member of the Academic Board Committee.
  2. To engage with External Examiners.
  3. To assist in COPPA development and other programmes enhancement initiatives.
  4. Assists in developing future new programmes.
  5. Involves and participates in professional development activities (workshops, seminars, research, etc).
  6. Attends all compulsory staff/college meetings, panel meetings, parent-lecturer conference, audit visits and etc.
  7. To perform any other duties as and when assigned by the direct superior or the Senior Management Team.

Who are we looking for?
We are looking for someone who has…

  • Minimum Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science (CS) or Information Technology (IT). Master’s Degree and relevant qualifications in Data Science, Internet of Things are an advantage.
  • Minimum 5 years of teaching experience in higher learning institution, with relevant experience in Programme Management. Related industry experience in CS and IT is an advantage.
  • Experience in curriculum development, pedagogical skills, soft skills and familiar with programme accreditation as well as MQA policies.

If the above sounds like you, MCKL wants you!
Drop in your CV at to apply for this position.

Only shortlisted candidates will be called for an interview session. But nevertheless, we greatly appreciate your time in applying for this position!