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MCKL Excellence Award Scholarship 2023
MCKL Scholarship Limited Availability - Apply Today MCKL Scholarship 100% Scholarship

Application Deadline

  • Round 1 (January 2024 Intake) : 1st December 2023
  • Round 2 (July-August 2024 Intake) : 31st May 2024

*Terms & Conditions Apply.

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Our scholarship and financial aid are available, bringing you a step closer to fulfilling your aspirations and the endless possibilities of your future.

MCKL Scholarships Highlight

<span>Up to 100% Merit Scholarship* <br> <small class='fw-normal'><i>Apply with your Trial/Forecast Result</i></small></span>
Up to 100% Merit Scholarship*
Apply with your Trial/Forecast Result
Personalised Counselling
Personalised Counselling
Scholarships & Financial Aid*
Scholarships & Financial Aid*
Complimentary MCKL Career Test
Complimentary MCKL Career Test

Scholarships & Financial Aid Available*

  • MCKL-Industry Scholarships
  • MCKL Discounts/Bursaries
  • MCKL Special Scholarships & Financial Aid
  • Methodist Affiliated Scholarships
  • External Scholarships
  • MCKL Merit Scholarships

*Terms & Conditions Apply.

Programmes Offered in MCKL

Cambridge A Level

  • KL: KPT/JPS(R3/0011/3/0098)(A9208)07/28
  • PG: KPT/JPS(N/010/2/0007)(MQA/PA14346)05/27 (Arts) | KPT/JPS(N/010/2/0005)(MQA/PA14347)01/27 (Science)

* Pathway to universities in Germany available.

Intake: 19 Jan, 15 Jul & 13 Sept

Australian Matriculation (AUSMAT)

  • KL: KPT/JPS(R3/0011/3/0097)(A9207)07/28
  • PG: KPT/JPS(N/010/2/0006)(MQA/FA14311)05/27

Intake: 19 Jan, 14 Jun & 19 Aug

American Degree Transfer Program (ADTP)

  • KL: KPT/JPS(R2/0011/6/0002)(MQA/FA4447)03/29

Intake: 19 Jan, 31 May & 19 Aug

Diploma in Early Childhood Education (DECE)

  • KL: KPT/JPS(R2/143/4/0081)(A5668)12/24
  • PG: KPT/JPS(N/143/4/0191)(MQA/PA14313)05/27

Top Up 1 Year to complete your degree in United Kingdom and Ireland (T&C apply)

Intake: 19 Jan, 14 Jun & 23 Aug

Diploma in Social Work (DSW)

  • KL: KPT/JPS(R/762/4/0025)(MQA/FA8500)09/28

Intake: 23 Aug

Diploma in Computer Science NEW

  • KL: KPT/JPS(N/481/4/0825)(MQA/PA14018)12/27
  • PG: KPT/JPS(N/481/4/0835)(MQA/PA14314)12/28

Data Science Focused

Intake: 19 Jan, 14 Jun & 23 Aug

Diploma in Information Technology NEW

  • KL: KPT/JPS(N/482/4/0213)(MQA/PA14019)12/27
  • PG: KPT/JPS(N/482/4/0227)(MQA/PA14312)05/27

Internet of Things Focused

Intake: 19 Jan, 14 Jun & 23 Aug

Diploma in Digital Business NEW

  • KL: KPT/JPS(N/340/4/0800)(MQA/PA14316)04/28
  • PG: KPT/JPS(N/340/4/0806)(MQA/PA15220)05/27

Intake: 19 Jan, 14 Jun & 23 Aug

Diploma in Digital Marketing NEW

  • KL: KPT/JPS(N/342/4/0233)(MQA/PA14523)05/28
  • PG: KPT/JPS(N/342/4/0236)(MQA/PA15219)05/27

Intake: 19 Jan, 14 Jun & 23 Aug

Diploma in Financial Technology NEW

  • KL: KPT/JPS(N/343/4/0289)(MQA/PA15228)02/29

Intake: 19 Jan, 14 Jun & 23 Aug

ACCA Foundation in Accountancy (FIA)

  • KL: KPT/JPS(R3/0411/3/0007)(A9696)01/29

Intake: 19 Jan & 19 Jul

ACCA Qualification

  • KL: KPT/JPS(R2/344/6/0064)(FA1206)06/29

Intake: 19 Jan, 14 Jun & 23 Aug

Our Industry Partners

MCKL has partnered with multiple industry-leading experts to ensure students are able to obtain industrial training as part of their programme of study. Through our flagship Industrial Collaboration Programme (ICP), students are given the opportunity to take on real-world projects which enable them to gain valuable insights and working experience in the digital business, marketing and financial technology industry. Students will also obtain digital literacy, specialised knowledge and work skills to be future-ready for Industrial Revolution 4.0.

About MCKL

Welcome to Methodist College Kuala Lumpur
An Institution where values and tradition meet excellence in education!

For over four decades, Methodist College Kuala Lumpur (MCKL) has been providing quality, holistic education in the best of Methodist tradition. MCKL fully embraces the challenges and opportunities of educating and preparing students for further education, professional development, and job careers in the new IR 4.0 environment.

Over 40 years of Proven Track Record

Globally Recognised
Globally Recognised

Providing renowned professional pre-university and tertiary programmes.

Platinum Status ACCA
Platinum Status ACCA

The most prestigious level as Approved Learning Partner with the highest standards and proven record to sustain student pass rates.

Industry Revolution 4.0
Industry Revolution 4.0

Operations & learning system in line with the IR 4.0 environment.

Microsoft Recognition
Microsoft Recognition

Providing flexibility with 100% blended learning via Microsoft cloud learning system.


Nurturing students with Character Formation and Service Learning programmes throughout their studies.

MCKL Excellence Award 2023 - Congratulations to Our Scholars!
Profile picture of Jonah Yip Mathivanan

“The scholarship has provided me with a real sense of achievement, which has raised my self-esteem. By having a higher level of confidence in my capabilities, I will strive to achieve better results and participate regularly in the various co-curricular activities MCKL has to offer.”

— Jonah Yip Mathivanan

Nobel International School, AlumnusCambridge A Level, MCKL

Profile picture of Tifany Chiu Ke Shuen

“Receiving this Award once again justifies the phrase ‘Nothing is Impossible’. It reminds me that I can achieve anything if I put in my all and persist in trying to achieve my goals.”

— Tifany Chiu Ke Shuen

AIM Christian College, AlumnaCambridge A Level, MCKL

Profile picture of Loh Zhe Hong

“I applied for the Student Leader Scholarship after some encouragement by one of the staff in MCKL. Receiving this scholarship not only boosts my confidence, but it also means a lot to me, as it proves that my hard work throughout the years has finally paid of. It encourages me to continue my effort to strive and do better in the future. I think being active in co-curricular activities and being able to maintain good grades make me a well-rounded person and having the opportunity to hold positions and lead clubs in secondary school also made me a strong applicant for this scholarship.”

— Loh Zhe Hong

SMJK Chung Ling, AlumnusCambridge A Level, MCKL

Profile picture of Chooi Jia Yue

“This is the first time I’ve received a full scholarship from a non-government institution. I feel grateful for the scholarship that the school has offered to me, as it makes me more motivated to further study while reducing my parent’s financial burden. It allows me to work on ways to maintain good academic performance in life as well as master time management and become more discipline than my previous self as a preparation to enter a competitive environment in Singapore.”

— Chooi Jia Yue

SMK Convent Teluk Intan, AlumnaCambridge A Level, MCKL

Profile picture of Marissa Haley Chong

“This scholarship gives more space for my dreams to expand and more motivation for me to work for those dreams. It also gives me a little more freedom to explore those goals and recognise my true passion and purpose in life.”

— Marissa Haley Chong

Stella Maris International School Medan Damansara, AlumnaCambridge A Level, MCKL

Profile picture of Wong Yue Qing

“This scholarship is a huge push for me to have a chance to soar to my dreams. It'll definitely open up many doors to opportunities for me to experience throughout this whole programme and even further in the future.”

— Wong Yue Qing

Sri Emas International School, AlumnaCambridge A Level, MCKL

Profile picture of Lee Ming-Ze

“This scholarship allows me to continue my studies in Cambridge A Level because I am aiming to further my studies overseas, however, due to my family’s financial status, I am unable to afford the expensive fees in tertiary programmes. Therefore, winning this scholarship enabled me to continue my studies at MCKL and I’m now one step closer to continue my degree in pharmaceutical or actuarial science.”

— Lee Ming-Ze

SMJK Sam Tet, Ipoh, AlumnusCambridge A Level

Profile picture of Teong Rooi En

“I’m truly grateful to be one of the recipients of the scholarship. Firstly, my parents wouldn’t be so financially burdened by my tuition fees, and it also allows me to put all my energy and focus on doing well in my classes. It also makes me feel like my hard work in high school has been affirmed. This scholarship not only allowed me to continue my education but also motivates me to succeed in my goals and aspirations, as well.”

— Teong Rooi En

SMJK Perempuan China Pulau Pinang, AlumnaCambridge A Level, MCKL

Profile picture of Mok Yen Qin

“I might have to take a gap year before studying as my parent's industry is still not back on track due to the pandemic, but I’m extremely grateful that this scholarship has given me the opportunity to pursue my education as intended.”

— Mok Yen Qin

The IGCSE Learning Centre, AlumnaAustralian Matriculation, MCKL

Profile picture of Vanessa Chong Yi Wen

“The scholarship will undeniably ease my family’s financial burden as well as provide me with additional motivation to perform well in both my studies and my co-curricular activities throughout my time in MCKL.”

— Vanessa Chong Yi Wen

Wesley Methodist School Kuala Lumpur (International), AlumnaCambridge A Level, MCKL

Profile picture of Wong Ching Shuen

“This scholarship was a confidence boost for me and was a great help to my family financially. Learning that achieving excellence could lessen my family’s financial burden has pushed me to continue to excel no matter where I am.”

— Wong Ching Shuen

SMJK Perempuan China Pulau Pinang, AlumnaCambridge A Level, MCKL

Profile picture of Khaw Tze Juin

“This scholarship reduces a lot of my parents’ financial burden, and is also a recognition towards my academic performance. I think college life is not just all about studies, but how to communicate with people u meet, understand what you really want and learn how to enjoy your life. Academic is important, but most importantly, study hard and play harder!”

— Khaw Tze Juin

SMJK Perempuan China Pulau Pinang, AlumnaCambridge A Level, MCKL

Scholarship for 2024 Open for Applications

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