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About MCKL

Welcome to Methodist College Kuala Lumpur
An Institution where values and tradition meet excellence in education!

For over four decades, Methodist College Kuala Lumpur (MCKL) has been providing quality, holistic education in the best of Methodist tradition. MCKL fully embraces the challenges and opportunities of educating and preparing students for further education, professional development, and job careers in the new IR 4.0 environment.

MCKL always seeks to provide opportunities to deserving students. For more information please fill in the form below and we will get in touch with you.

<span>Up to 100% Merit Scholarship*<br /></span>
Up to 100% Merit Scholarship*
RM500 Rebate Voucher*
RM500 Rebate Voucher*
Scholarships & Financial Aid*
Scholarships & Financial Aid*
Top Up 1 year to complete your degree in Ireland & United Kingdom*
Top Up 1 year to complete your degree in Ireland & United Kingdom*
Internship & Career Opportunities
Internship & Career Opportunities

*Terms & Conditions apply.

MCKL’s High Achievers

Programmes Offered in 2024

Cambridge A Level

  • KL: (R3/0011/3/0098)(07/28)(A9208)
  • PG: (N/010/2/0007)(05/27)(MQA/FA14346 (Art) | (N/010/2/0005)(01/27)(MQA/FA14347) (Science)

* Pathway to universities in Germany available.

Intake: 19 Jan, 15 Jul & 13 Sept

Australian Matriculation (AUSMAT)

  • KL: (R3/0011/3/0097)(07/28)(A9207)
  • PG: (N/010/2/0006)(05/27)(MQA/FA14311)

Intake: 19 Jan, 14 Jun & 19 Aug

American Degree Transfer Program (ADTP)

  • KL: (R2/0011/6/0002)(03/29)(MQA/FA4447)

Intake: 19 Jan, 31 May & 19 Aug

Diploma in Early Childhood Education (DECE)

  • KL: (R2/143/4/0081)(12/24)(A5668)
  • PG: (N/143/4/0191)(05/27)(MQA/PA14313)

Top Up 1 Year to complete your degree in United Kingdom and Ireland (T&C apply)

Intake: 19 Jan, 14 Jun & 23 Aug

Diploma in Social Work (DSW)

  • KL: (R/762/4/0025)(09/28)(MQA/FA8500)

Intake: 23 Aug

Diploma in Computer Science NEW

  • KL: (N/481/4/0825)(12/27)(MQA/FA14018)
  • PG: (N/481/4/0835)(12/28)(MQA/PA14314)

Data Science Focused

Intake: 19 Jan, 14 Jun & 23 Aug

Diploma in Information Technology NEW

  • KL: (N/482/4/0213)(12/27)(MQA/FA14019)
  • PG: (N/482/4/0227)(05/27)(MQA/PA14312)

Internet of Things Focused

Intake: 19 Jan, 14 Jun & 23 Aug

Diploma in Digital Business NEW

  • KL: (N/340/4/0800)(04/28)(MQA/FA14316)
  • PG: (N/340/4/0806)(05/27)(MQA/PA15220)

Intake: 19 Jan, 14 Jun & 23 Aug

Diploma in Digital Marketing NEW

  • KL: (N/342/4/0233)(05/28)(MQA/PA14523)
  • PG: (N/342/4/0236)(05/27)(MQA/PA15219)

Intake: 19 Jan, 14 Jun & 23 Aug

Diploma in Financial Technology NEW

  • KL: (N/343/4/0289)(02/29)(MQA/PA15228)

Intake: 19 Jan, 14 Jun & 23 Aug

ACCA Foundation in Accountancy (FIA)

  • KL: (R3/0411/3/0007)(01/29)(A9696)

Intake: 19 Jan & 19 Jul

ACCA Qualification

  • KL: (R2/344/6/0064)(06/29)(MQA/FA1206)

Intake: 19 Jan, 14 Jun & 23 Aug

ACCA Short Courses NEW

  • Strategic Business Leader (SBL)

  • Strategic Business Reporting (SBR)

  • Advanced Financial Management (AFM)

  • Advanced Taxation (ATX)

  • Advanced Audit and Assurance (AAA)

Cambridge International Certificate in Teaching & Learning

Intake: 21 Jun & 9 Aug

Cambridge International Diploma in Teaching & Learning

Intake: 16 Jun

Designed to help teachers develop critical engagement with key education theories and concepts to enhance the quality of their students' learning and complementing personal development as a reflective practitioner.

Effective Lesson Design and Planning

Embracing Autism: Understanding & Supporting Learners with Autism

Thriving with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in the Classroom

FA-SA: Formative Assessment and Summative Assessment

Teaching an Effective Active Learning Class

Micro-Credentials Courses:

  • Jumpstart Programming with Python

  • Fundamentals of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

  • Information System

  • Creative Expressions through Music and Movement

  • Play in Early Childhood Educatio

  • Drug and Alcohol Addiction

  • Introduction to Professional Social Work

  • Working with Domestic Violence Concerns

  • Early Childhood Education

  • Social Work

  • Digital Business

  • Digital Marketing

  • Financial Technology

  • Computer Science

  • Information Technology

Accredited short courses designed to meet the needs of students and working professionals. These micro-credentials are certifications which allow individuals to be certified in specific fields benefitting one's personal development credentials.

Over 40 years of Proven Track Record

Globally Recognised
Globally Recognised

Providing renowned professional pre-university and tertiary programmes.

Industry Revolution 4.0
Industry Revolution 4.0

Operations & learning system in line with the IR 4.0 environment.

Microsoft Recognition
Microsoft Recognition

Providing flexibility with 100% blended learning via Microsoft cloud learning system.


Nurturing students with Character Formation and Service Learning programmes throughout their studies.

Our Industry Partners

MCKL has partnered with multiple industry-leading experts to ensure students are able to obtain industrial training as part of their programme of study. Through our flagship Industrial Collaboration Programme (ICP), students are given the opportunity to take on real-world projects which enable them to gain valuable insights and working experience in the digital business, marketing and financial technology industry. Students will also obtain digital literacy, specialised knowledge and work skills to be future-ready for Industrial Revolution 4.0.


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  • Up to 100% MCKL Merit Scholarship*
  • Up to 50% Special Bursary for selected Diplomas*
  • Up to RM5,000 Tuition Fee Waiver for Pre-U Programmes**
  • RM500 Rebate Voucher*
  • Pathway to a 1-Year Degree in UK & Ireland*
  • Scholarship, financial aids & PTPTN loan available*
  • *Terms & Conditions apply.
    **Exclusive for MCKL Pykett Campus ONLY