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Student Representative Council

The Student Representative Council (SRC) at Methodist College Kuala Lumpur (Pykett Campus, Penang) is established to facilitate student self-governance, providing a platform for students to express their views and concerns while upholding the institution’s 10 Core Values.

Additionally, SRC aims to enhance student welfare and create an environment conducive to holistic student development, encompassing academic, personal, social, and extracurricular growth.

Meet The Committee

Aruna ap Narayanasamy 2

Aruna a/p Narayanasamy

SRC Advisor​

Denise Yap

SRC Advisor
Lim Chien Sheng

Dr. Lim Chien Sheng

SRC Advisor
Chew Qi Hang_Updated

Chew Qi Hang

Janelle Yeoh Su Wen_Updated

Janelle Yeoh

Vice President
Dylan Khaw Yeong Shen_Updated

Dylan Khaw

Lee Fung Qi_Updated

Lee Fung Qi


Human Resources

Teh Yu Qian_Updated

Teh Yu Qian


Public Relations & Events

Peter Seah Feng Nian_Updated

Peter Seah


Clubs & Societies

Lee Jun Rong_Updated

Lee Jun Rong

Co - Director

Public Relations & Events

Lei Qian Hui_Updated

Lei Qian Hui

Co - Director

Public Relations & Events

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