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Make a Difference

MCKL alumni are passionate. Passionate about possibility and passionate about community. Located all around the world, MCKL alumni are united in the belief that together we will make a difference. We are proud to support the collective passion of many who stand up for MCKL.


What We Do

We strive to establish a platform which does not merely serve to open vistas of interest for former students, but also for current students, the College, and the community.

Our Mission: Connect. Build. Community.

  • Networking among alumni and students
  • Building relationships and providing opportunities for younger alumni and current students
  • Enabling alumni to contribute to the enrichment of the college and community

Our aspirations include the setting up of a Scholarship Fund to support the education of MCKL students in need. In addition, we are optimistic that our Alumni can contribute back to the College, whether fiscally, or by means of manpower and ideas. Likewise, we see the potential for the Alumni to assist younger members of the MCKL family in seeking bursaries and employment opportunities.


Keep In Touch

Following your graduation, you’ll join thousands of alumni who have walked through the doors of MCKL into the world as part of the ever-growing family of MCKL Alumni, impacting the community you live with. We’d love to hear back from the alumni, of your stories after leaving college. Here are a few ways to stay in touch:


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