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Methodist College Kuala Lumpur (MCKL) celebrates its 40 years of education excellence this year! MCKL has rapidly established itself as an ideal tertiary education provider, focusing on delivering excellent and quality education while serving as an institution for society. MCKL strives to create a nurturing environment through transformative learning and teaching practices. In 1983, the school was reorganised to cater to tertiary education by replacing secondary classes with A Levels and was renamed Methodist College Kuala Lumpur.   

The Graduating Class Of September 2023 from MCKL

MCKL has been providing quality education whilst adhering to Methodist traditions and principles. Students are given equal opportunities and attention regardless of their academic ability, ethnicity, social or religious background. This applies not only to student admission but also all aspects of college life. As the students’ education is given priority over profitability, MCKL’s course fees have been kept affordable and many scholarships are available for students based on academic results, and personal achievements.  

MCKL Alumni – Sheena Siva, the Valedictorian & Prize winner for Surgery and O&G at RUMC

As a testimony to academic excellence, MCKL has a track record of sending students to top universities. MCKL’s alumni have gained admission into renowned universities around the world. MCKL takes pride in consistently having a great track record, achieving almost 100% passing rate for Cambridge A Level for the past decade, which is an accomplishment on its own. Since 2020, they have on average achieved over 50% 3As and above and achieved over 60% As for six subjects. MCKL students are also consecutively being awarded for achieving Top in the World and Top in Malaysia. This achievement is truly remarkable as this will be their steppingstone for their future.  

MCKL Alumni, Nathaniel Inn has enrolled in the University of Cambridge

“At MCKL, we aim to nurture high-achieving individuals of caliber who will become passionate and compassionate leaders in society, by embedding the MCKL DNA in each student through various extra-curricular activities, community service learning and character formation.  Our wish is for students to undergo personal development that helps them define their objectives in life. It is our 10 Core Values that guide MCKL graduates to become positive agents of change – making significant contributions to others, their world, and those on the margins of society,” MCKL’s CEO, Dr. Chua Ping Yong.  

MCKL’s CEO Dr. Chua Ping Yong

In 2022, MCKL achieved another milestone by launching its first branch campus, MCKL College (Penang, Pykett Campus) to provide higher education opportunities and pathways for secondary school leavers and adult learners in the northern region. MCKL Pykett Campus, Penang was the campus of choice to kick off MCKL’s 40th Anniversary Celebrations with the #MCKLFestforChamps. The campus was decked out with colourful carnival flags that elevated the carnival feel even more. It featured diverse activities including interschool sports competitions, food trucks, pop-up bazaars, and a colouring contest that was enjoyed by all. An education fair that featured representatives from 12 esteemed local and private universities in Malaysia was also held. The Pykett Campus was buzzing with excitement, joy, and cheer.  

Students at the science laboratory in MCKL Pykett, Penang Campus

Over the years, MCKL has fully embraced the challenges and opportunities of educating and preparing students for further education, professional development, and careers in the new IR4.0 environment. Future jobs will require the use of technology, cloud-based application systems and the ability to digitally collaborate and network with teams within and outside an organisation. MCKL endeavours to embed these skills in the academic programmes and learning experiences of the students, in line with their wider vision of MCKL of providing a holistic education to produce well-rounded individuals. 

For 40 years, MCKL has been providing quality higher education in the best of Methodist tradition. Besides providing top quality pre-university, diploma, American Degree Transfer Program and professional courses, MCKL is in the aspiration to offer Degree courses as this will be a great opportunity for the students to continue their higher-level studies at MCKL.