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Student Support Services

Counselling Services Centre (CSC)

CSC provides mental health support for students and staff of MCKL via one-to-one mental health counseling and mental health-related education and outreach.

CSC is a place where you can seek professional help in the comfort of confidentiality to get the support you need to navigate through challenges in your life.

What services does CSC provide?

1. Individual counselling
CSC provides a one-to-one confidential session in a respectful and supportive environment, where you can discuss and share your concerns, develop self-awareness and healthy coping strategies.

2. Consultation with Parents/Faculty
As family relationship plays a significant role in one’s development and adjustment to life’s various transitions. CSC offers an avenue for parents and/or family members who are concerned about the psychological welfare of their children to work in collaboration with MCKL in providing optimal support for their children. Concerned parents/family members can email PAL to make an appointment for such consultations.

2. Group Counselling / Support Group
A group with similar concerns, together with a counselor to explore the concerns and increase support through group sharing. Hearing from others from the group increases the sense of support and assurance that you are not alone. 
It can be of any concerns – from stress management, improving communication and relationship to personal development.

3. Self-Development Training
Many students find it challenging to meet the demands of college life. CSC conducts a series of workshops to help students develop the resilience needed to adjust well in college in a safe and non-judgmental community where experiences, ideas and insights can be shared openly.

4. Peer Support Training
Fellow students are an essential support system for anyone adjusting to life in a college. Often, individuals prefer to confide in peers regarding the various distress and challenges they are experiencing rather than approaching their family members, lecturers and/or professionals. As such, it is crucial for the college to provide a network of peers who are trained to provide optimal peer support for individuals in need. CSC facilitates such networking to take place and provides basic training for students who would like to adopt this supportive role.

5. Mental Health Seminars
CSC also conducts mental health seminars aimed at increasing mental health awareness and reducing the stigma of mental health.

How could I make use of CSC’s services?

Email CSC at for queries on counselling matters and/or to register for workshops/talks. The schedules and venues for all talks and workshops are posted on CSC’S notice board.

What are CSC’s operating hours?

CSC is open from Mondays to Fridays 9 am – 4 pm.