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Student Support Services

Counselling Services Centre (CSC)

CSC provides mental health support for students and staff of MCKL via one-to-one mental health counselling and mental health-related education and outreach.

CSC is a place where you can seek professional help in the comfort of confidentiality to get the support you need to navigate through challenges in your life.


What services does CSC provide?

1. Individual Support/Counselling

CSC provides a one-to-one confidential session in a respectful and supportive environment, where you can discuss and share your concerns, develop self-awareness and healthy coping strategies.

2. Group Counselling / Support Group

A group of 6 to 10 individuals with similar concerns, together with a counselor to explore the concerns and increase support through group sharing. Hearing from others from the group increases sense of support and assurance that you are not alone.

It can be of any concerns – from stress management, improving communication and relationship to personal development.

3. Consultation with Parents

 As family relationship plays a significant role in one’s development and adjustment to life’s various transitions. CSC offers an avenue for parents and/or family members who are concerned about the psychological welfare of their children to work in collaboration with MCKL in providing optimal support for their children. Concerned parents’/family members can email CSC to make an appointment for such consultations. 

4. Peer Supporter Group (PSG)

We recognize that fellow peers are an essential support system for anyone adjusting to life in a college. CSC facilitates and cultivate a supportive and approachable environment for students to seek for support through this program. PSG are group of students who are trained to connect and listen to you. Have a peer to share and listen to your challenges. 

5. Talks/Workshop

We belief in equipping and empowering your journey here as a student and individual. We have talks and workshops prepared for you, with topics covering personal wellbeing and development.


What are CSC’s operating hours?

We are open from Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 5pm.


CSC Team

Mr Benjamin Gan Ming Kuang – Head, Counselling Services Centre

  • M. Professional Counselling (Monash University Malaysia) 
  • B.E.D Guidance and Counselling (Unitar)
  • Lembaga Kaunselor Malaysia (KB09634. PA09261)

Ms Oh Shiek Ching (KB,PA) – Licensed & Registered Counsellor, Counselling Services Centre


  • Med. Counselling Psychology (UPM)
  • Bsc. Business Administration (UPM)
  • Lembaga Kaunselor Malaysia (KB06544, PA06019)


How do I make appointment?

Walk in to CSC located at Main Building, Room 110.

You can also reach out to us to make appointment by: