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For outstation and international students, the next most important decision you will make after selecting which course to study at MCKL, is choosing a place to live.

By choosing to stay in the accommodation provided by the College, you become part of a community which offers additional development opportunities for multi-cultural interaction, intellectual discovery and developing good values. We aim to create not just sleeping quarters but an environment of respect, safety and cleanliness. Through regular monitoring, you will be nurtured with skills to care for your own belongings and surroundings. We desire that this home away from home will prepare you to be more holistic as you journey into your phase of life after College.

MCKL accommodation consists of apartment units rented from private owners. Dedicated staff monitor the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of the resident students.

Please read the information below regarding the Accommodation provided. For more information, please contact the Student Accommodation Department at

Accommodation Options & 2022 Rates

1. Villa Scott Condominium

  • Male-only units & Female-only units
  • Approximate walking time to/from MCKL: 8 minutes
Room typesAttached bathroomMonthly base rent (RM) per student (without AC)Monthly base rent (RM) per student (with AC)
Single mediumNo9501050
Twin sharingNo800900
Single smallNo550

2. Scott Sentral Service Suites

  • Male-only units & Female-only units
  • Approximate walking time to/from MCKL: 10 minutes
Room typesAttached bathroomMonthly base rent (RM) per student (without AC)Monthly base rent (RM) per student (with AC)
Single medium (Larger Unit)No11001200

Single medium

Twin sharing (Larger Unit)No9001000
Triple sharingYes750850
Triple sharing (Larger Unit)Yes800900
Single small (Larger Unit)No700

3. 633 Residency

  • Male-only units & Female-only units
  • Approximate walking time to/from MCKL: 8 minutes
Room typesAttached bathroomMonthly base rent per student (RM) (without AC)Monthly base rent (RM) per student (with AC)
Single mediumNo11001200
Twin sharingNo1050
Quadruple sharingYes800


Every accommodation unit is supplied with the following:

  • washing machine
  • laundry racks
  • refrigerator
  • gas stove with gas supply
  • lockers (padlock not provided)
  • broom, dustpan, mop and bucket
  • waste basket
  • water filter

Each student is supplied with the following:

  • single bed with mattress
  • work table and chair
  • wardrobe and book shelf

Students will need to supply their own:

  • bedsheet, blanket, pillow and pillow case
  • toiletries and toilet paper
  • plates, cups, cutlery and dishwashing detergent
  • padlock for locker
  • laundry detergent, hangers and clothes pegs
  • bin liners
  • extension cords
  • plug-and-use equipment, e.g. electric kettle, rice cooker, etc.

Some accommodation units may have additional furniture and fittings installed by the owner. The College is not obliged to provide these facilities in all accommodation units. Resident students are free to use the facilities available within each condominium block, such as the swimming pool, gym, sauna room, etc.  

Additional Information

  • Payment of rent is to be made on a 6-month and 5-month basis (January to June and July to November).
  • Rent is inclusive of electricity, water, air-con servicing and repair, gas and weekly cleaning services.
  • Should the electricity and water bills exceed a pre-determined amount, the excess will be charged equally between all residents, or per agreement within housemates
  Capacity of student accommodation units
  6 pax and below7 pax8 pax9 pax
LimitElectricityRM 400RM 500RM 600RM 650
WaterRM 100RM 100RM 100RM 100
  • Students are responsible for the cleanliness of their own rooms and attached bathrooms. MCKL-appointed cleaners will clean the common areas once a week.
  • If a student is asked to leave the accommodation for disciplinary reasons, the deposit and any balance of the rent will be forfeited.
  • MCKL does not provide transport services to or from the hostel.

Booking & Confirmation

  • Complete the Accommodation Form and submit it to the Enrolment & Admissions Department. A copy of the Accommodation Terms & Conditions is also required.
  • Payment of the Accommodation Deposit (RM1,500) and Accommodation Booking Fee (RM150) is required. The refunds of the Accommodation Deposit is subject to terms and conditions, Accommodation Booking Fee is non-refundable.
  • Applicants are allowed one (1) change to their rooming prior to check-in without any charges. Subsequent changes will be charged an Administrative Fee of RM50 per change.
  • A booking is confirmed upon full payment of the first semester’s rent. Applicants will be bound to a tenancy of eleven (11) months upon confirmation. If student resident shortens his/her stay to less than eleven (11) months, the deposit or balance of the rent is forfeited, whichever is higher, provided the student has effectively paid for the entire 11 months.
  • The College reserves the right to assign roommates to students. A request may be made if a student wishes to be in the same accommodation with friends, but this is subject to availability.