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Clubs and Societies

Except for the Student General Meetings where attendance is compulsory, other clubs are voluntary. Clubs are formed and run by students who share the same interests in sports, games or other interests and would like to express and develop themselves through the club activities.  

Students at Methodist College Kuala Lumpur (MCKL) are encouraged to join and take an active role in societies to enrich their holistic education at the College. Each society holds annual events and activities enough to keep a student going and enjoying his time with the College.

Student Representative Council

The Student Representative Council (SRC) at Methodist College Kuala Lumpur was established to facilitate student self-governance, providing a platform for students to express their views and concerns while upholding the institution’s 10 Core Values.

Additionally, SRC aims to enhance student welfare and create an environment conducive to holistic student development, encompassing academic, personal, social, and extracurricular growth.

Sport Clubs

Club and Society