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28 March 2022- 2 April 2022 | MCKL Scholarship Week

MCKL Scholarship Week is back with a Bang! Sign up for MCKL Scholarship Week with up to 100% Scholarship at

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23 – 28 May 2022 | MCKL Registration Week

Let’s join our Registration Week from 23-28 May 2022 to discover your interest and the right education pathway. Also, don’t miss the series of activities lined up for you which includes free career test, personalised counselling and insightful campus tour!

21 May 2022 | Why Don’t Vampires Age?

Sun exposure leads to skin damages like sunburn and skin cancers. Therefore, it is important to understand the dangers of UV radiation. One of the preventive measures to avoid sun damage is to apply sunscreen, but how does sunscreen work and how to choose the best sunscreen?

14 May 2022 | FutureEd Series 2022: Unleash the Power of Data with Data Visualisation

Catch the latest web series of FutureEd Series in collaboration with Quandatics Academy, titled Unleash the Power of Data with Data Visualisation. Don’t miss this 3-hour Comprehensive Masterclass and get a head-start in the journey to data driven insights and analysing data with interactive charts and graphics.

Gain insight from our guest speaker and stay ahead in this fast-changing world.

26 April 2022 | Teacher’s Talk 2022

Exploring the changes in the education scene due to the pandemic and how these have affected teaching and learning in the 21st century.