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Make a Difference.

MCKL alumni are passionate. Passionate about possibility and passionate about community. Sharing a connection across three campuses and extending to places all over the world, MCKL alumni are united in the belief that together we will make a difference. We are proud to support the collective passion of so many who stand up for the MCKL. Join us.

What We Do.

MCKL Alumni will strive to establish a platform which does not merely serve to open vistas of interest for former students, but also for current students, the College, and the community.


  • Networking among alumni and students
  • Building relationships and providing opportunities for younger alumni and current students
  • Enabling alumni to contribute to the enrichment of the college and community

Our aspirations include the setting up of a Scholarship Fund to help support the education of MCKL students in need, or to support the further studies of our lovely lecturers. In addition, we are optimistic that our Alumni can contribute back to the College, whether fiscally, or by means of manpower and ideas. Likewise, we see the potential for the Alumni to assist younger members of the MCKL family in seeking bursaries and employment opportunities.

Keep In Touch.

The benefits of being a MCKL alumni continue long after you graduate. By keeping in touch with us you can access a range of exclusive benefits and programmes such as

  • Discover opportunities to advance your career, tailored to your experience.
  • Access career coaching and development
  • Tap into new business networks and connect with alumni for employment and partnership opportunities.

The opportunities are endless, start exploring now.

You may contact MCKL University Placement & Alumni Department
Phone: 603-2274 1851