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Alumni Relations

Join The Community!

Are you a MCKL Alumni? Join us in our mission to connect and build a big global family!

Following your graduation, you’ll join thousands of alumni who have walked through the doors of MCKL into the world as part of the ever-growing family. Together, we create a safe, networking space for both current and former MCKL students to connect and inspire!

Our Mission

Connect. Inspire. Nurture. Empower.

Our Objectives

  • Grow a network of meaningful relationships among alumni and current students through activities and events
  • Enable alumni to contribute to the enrichment of the college and community by offering ideas, manpower, or giving to the Scholarship Fund
  • Provide an array of alumni-exclusive benefits such as resources and special discounts.


Get Involved

We’d love to hear back from the alumni, of your stories after leaving college. Share your experience or contribute to alumni activities like mentoring, volunteering, or organising events:


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Mentor, volunteer or organise
class reunions or activities.

Alumni Benefits

Alumni Association Membership​

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MCKL alumni who sign up as a member of the MCKL Alumni Association will get a special member card which can be used to enjoy exclusive benefits such as discounts, resources, and other privileges 

…. and more coming soon! 

Alumni Networking Events


MCKL Alumni will also be invited to executive networking events, class reunions, and activities where they get to reunite with old friends and make new ones. 

Alumni Mentoring Programme


Students and alumni can take part in a one-on-one mentoring programme from our talented alumni on a variety of subject areas, including personal and professional development. 

Alumni E-Newsletter


Get the latest information about the MCKL and its alumni community via the e-newsletter when you join our network. 

Campus Venue For Rental

Auditorium 2

Book a room or hall at KL Campus for class reunions or networking activities.



MCKL Alumni can park at MCKL premises. Just inform MCKL CUPAD about your visit upon arrival and sign in at the guard house.

MCKL Discounts / Bursaries

If you are a MCKL alumni you get to enjoy discounts* on our pre-university and tertiary programmes.

1. MCKL Alumni Discount: MCKL Alumni can enjoy the Alumni Discount Scheme if they enrol in any full-time MCKL programme within two years of completion of a programme at MCKL 

2. Sibling Bursary: Sibling of MCKL alumni get a 10% bursary.

*Learn more about the terms and conditions here

Email us for more information

The membership benefits listed above are available for alumni of our KL campus only. 

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MCKL Alumni Personal Data Protection Notice

Stay Connected

Contact us and find us on socials where we will share fun and helpful tips to help you navigate life after college!