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I have heard people saying that MCKL is really a place to “study” and it is a good school for ADTP. It was a great experience. I spent good times there with my friends and lecturers. It was convenient for me to get connected with the lecturers whenever I have any questions regarding the lectures as the classes are not that big. Of course, it is because MCKL has nice, kind and friendly lecturers too!
Vivian Ong Jing Yi
American Degree Transfer Program, MCKLUniversity of Wisconsin Eau Claire, USA
My experience in MCKL was very memorable. Being a part of the ADTP committee (now known as ADTP union) helped me develop my leadership and organizational skills while also having lots of fun with my course mates. The best part about it was the people that I met throughout my 1.5 years there. MCKL does a tremendous job in preparing students for university life, from the academics to the social activities that simulates the experience of studying abroad. You will also meet brilliant people along the way that you will treasure for years to come.
Ling Wen Hoong
American Degree Transfer Program, MCKLUniversity of Michigan
ADTP was best suited for me and my style of learning. Instead of it being completely assessed by standardized testing, I have the opportunity to explore and learn through different ways such as observing, research, reflections, discussions, and presentations which hone my interpersonal skills and abilities to function as a person which is able to give back to society. I was right to choose ADTP. Through ADTP, my studies in both MCKL and America allows me to go beyond the textbook to analyzing ancient literature by Plato to dealing directly with society (such as support groups or families) to watch and learning from stand-up comedies. With this type of schooling, I feel alive. I feel like I am doing something that allows me to learn beyond what long-winded, draggy and dry lectures can do. The gears in my brain are turning.
Sara Ashley
American Degree Transfer Program, MCKLUniversity of Central Oklahoma, MCKL
There are many activities in the college that help prepare students for university. For example, there will be university visits almost every week, and representatives of universities come to the college or have an online meeting with the students and introduce the students to the university. This will help students to know more about universities, majors, and scholarships offered. Apart from that, ADTP also organizes university application workshop and visa application workshops every semester. When I was preparing to come over to the United States, we had amock visa interview and pre-departure briefing that was very informative and helped prep me well.
Chern Pei Ying
American Degree Transfer Program, MCKLThe University of Toledo, USA

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