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Whole Person Education Department

Whole Person Education Department

Character Formation & Service Learning

Character Formation

Character Formation is part of MCKL DNA. It is a special course provided by MCKL as a compulsory for majority of the programs to go through. It sings the tune of MCKL’s vision where we want to be the institute of excellence for life. Thus, Character Formation seeks to provide the platform for as many MCKL students to grow not just academically but wholistically (emotional, spiritual, intellectual, and social). For that this course allows students to identify and understand their selves (core values, purpose, goals) and how does it translate to the society (relationships, societal structures, and world lenses). All of this is to equip them to live in this world wisely and hopefully live that life of excellence with the skills gained in this course.

With Character Formation, MCKL aims to:

  • Develop core ethical values in the formation of character
  • Analyse the values and ethics in the world as applied to real-life issues and situation
  • Exhibit good communication skills, leadership, and teamwork through group interactions and activities.

Syllabus for Character Formation are:

  • Core ethical values
  • Building the Emotional Quotient
  • Leadership and Followership development
  • Critical and Creative Thinking skills
  • Conflict Resolution and Transformation
  • Presentations

Successful students will be able to:

  • Explore and discover themselves as well as other people.
  • Learn essential interpersonal skills that are useful for everyday living (leadership, time management, critical thinking skills, communication skills, etc.)
  • Learn and grow in a safe environment with friends.
  • Learn to engage with real life issues with clarity and boldness.


Service Learning

This course is an educational experience that requires participation in an organised service activity that meets identified community needs. Students will also reflect on their service activity through writing, discussion and reading to gain further understanding of course content, broaden their appreciation of the discipline, and enhance their sense of civic responsibility. Students learn through hands-on interaction and experience, and relate their experiences to course material through discussion and written assignments for academic credit.

With Service-Learning, MCKL aims to:

  • Enhance students’ academic performance by providing a unique platform for problem-solving, critical thinking and creative thinking
  • Cultivate soft skills, and develop students’ ability to collaborate, adapt and apply
  • Foster the growth of students as relevant and valuable members of the public through interaction with communities, synthesis of academic material, processing of feedback, revision and implementation, and reflection of personal experiences
  • Promote an awareness of community needs, hone students’ values and belief systems (e.g. commitment to activism and racial understanding), and facilitate an increased sense of personal efficacy
  • Enrich students’ educational experience through the provision of holistic education that reflects the College’s vision and mission
  • Engage students in lifelong learning through service

Successful students will be able to:

  • Apply academic, social, and personal skills to improve the community
  • Make decisions that could lead to sustainable impact.
  • Have increased civic participation
  • Learn how to work with peers in project management.