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My experience at the German Pathway programme at MCKL was excellent. Throughout the learning process, my teacher was always there to support me, which made everything much easier. German Educare has also made the entire process of preparing for my studies in Germany much easier, from learning the language to applying for the visa and booking the flight tickets. The staff are always there to answer any questions we may have and calm our fears about life in Germany. Overall, they have made me feel prepared for my journey to study in Germany.
Sasha Amira Bernard
Cambridge A Level (German Pathway), MCKL
It was a tough but good experience nevertheless. Determination and hardwork is definitely key to achieving a smooth learning process doing German and A Levels at the same time. Thankfully we have these patient and nice teachers to make German such a fun and enjoyable subject parallel to stressful A Level subjects. The learning experience with German Educare is definitely a good one, with the dedicated teachers and the perfect transition from A Levels to pure German classes. Though a bit rushed, German Educare did make very good arrangements of courses, accommodations and schedules both in Malaysia and the Germany side.
Low Ken-Zie
Cambridge A Level (German Pathway), MCKL
Although learning a new language while studying A Level programme can be quite challenging, I have no regrets about enrolling in the German pathway programme at MCKL. German class has always been fun, interactive, and worth looking forward to. Through the programme, I had the opportunity to practise the language with other college students while having fun. German Educare equipped me with the knowledge necessary for pursuing higher studies in Germany from culture and language learning to university preparations. In addition, I was able to participate in workshops and listen to alumni, which provided me with the encouragement and motivation needed to succeed. If I were to have a second chance, I would still choose the same path.
Rachel Chua Xin Jie
Cambridge A Level (German Pathway), MCKL
It was certainly a fun experience studying A Level German Pathway programme at MCKL. Sometimes after rounds of brain-wrecking, gear-spinning science classes, the German class at the end of the day gives me a breather. My teacher is a very easy-going person, and we could always fool around while learning German language at the same time. German Educare also cares a lot about their students, and they want the best for us. They have guided me well throughout the journey and the assistance I have gotten is priceless. It is no doubt a great pathway if you are interested in pursuing your studies in Germany.
Kang Ee Ming
Cambridge A Level (German Pathway), MCKL
Admittedly, it wasn’t easy learning a new language and three other A Level subjects concurrently, but it was still manageable and by going through this programme, I had time to decide whether I would enjoy studying in Germany. In the end I am glad to have joined this pathway and at the same time I have made friends that will be going together with me on this new chapter in life. German Educare has provided informative advice and answered questions or worries that I have had, whether it was about the exams or the transition to Germany. They have been a big help throughout the whole process, both my family and I can rest easy, knowing that any unexpected complications can be resolved together with their assistance.
Rebecca Khoo Yie Shan
Cambridge A Level (German Pathway), MCKL

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