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Interview with MCKL Certified Accounting Technician Student who Topped the World TWICE!

Ang Guo Weng is a current ACCA and former CAT student at MCKL. Emerging Top in the World not once, but twice for his CAT examinations, he shares with us his experience.

What made you choose the accounting field?

I have a dream to start my own business in the future. To make my business a successful one, I must equip myself with the knowledge of accounting, law, tax, audit, and many more. ACCA is a course that integrates most of the learning aspects that I wanted, and I find it most suitable for me.


What is your advice to students wanting to do accounting?

Pursue it. There will always be a demand for accountants in business, government, non-profits, and any other endeavour involving money. Accountancy can lead to senior management positions, including CEO.


What is your secret to becoming one of MCKL's top CAT student?

Consistency is key. Work hard.


How did you feel when you heard you received Top in the World the first time (FA2 paper)?

The moment I ended my Computer Based Exam, I was shocked that the results popped out was 100%. I was stunned.

What about the second time?

Well, when I got my result transcript, I only got 87 marks for my FTX, I did not expect much because based on past records, world prize winners generally score above 90 marks. But three weeks after the results came out, I received an email from ACCA stating that I got world prize for FTX. I was thrilled.


Why did you choose MCKL?

Before I handed in my admission form to MCKL, I visited many other colleges. I admitted that other colleges might have better facilities and all. Still, I felt something different about MCKL, the way they run the college was not so commercialized, but instead, they often put the students' benefit as their main priority.


What were some of the ways MCKL nurtured you?

MCKL nurtured me in a sense that whenever I need guidance about my studies or my future, most lecturers are there and willing to share with me about their experience and advice.


What are some of the memorable moments for you at MCKL?

The most memorable moments are the events, trips and camps I attended, such as Orientation Camp, Trip to Pulau Pangkor and CAT-ACCA Annual dinner.

In what ways did your parents play a part in your education journey?

My parents played a big part in my education journey by supporting me all the way and assuring my decision and also paid for my tuition and exam fees.


What are your plans after ACCA?

My plans after ACCA is to work as an Audit Associate in one of the Big 4 Accounting Firms for at least three years. After that, I would further my studies or work in a corporate firm.


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