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WMSKL(I)-MCKL Principal’s Scholarship 2023 – we are accepting applications!

The WMSKL(I)-MCKL Principal’s Scholarship looks to fully award students that have demonstrated exceptional academic results to pursue their tertiary education. The scholarship is applicable for full-time programmes in 11 areas of study in pre-university and undergraduate programmes with their trial or forecast results.

Application deadline closes on 5th December, write to us and leave your contact details at, our education counsellors will reach out to you on the next steps.

For further enquiries, call 03-2300 0998 (KL Campus) or 04-217 5088 (Pykett Campus, Penang) for personalised counselling or visit our MCKL website to learn more about the WMSKL(I)-MCKL Principal’s Scholarship, as well as our Pre-U and Diploma Programmes. Other scholarships and financial aid are available.

How to apply

Step 1: Complete the WMS-MCKL Principal’s Scholarship application form.

Step 2: Prepare and attach all supporting documents:

  • Forecast Results
  • Achievements & Leadership Certificates

Step 3: Submit all relevant documents to the Enrolment & Admissions Department of MCKL at