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Strengthening Educational Bonds: MCKL and UWL’s Exclusive Scholarship for ADTP Students 

In a landmark move, Methodist College Kuala Lumpur (MCKL) and the University of Wisconsin La-Crosse (UWL) solidified their partnership on October 13, 2023, by signing an exclusive scholarship agreement. This scholarship, designed for American Degree Transfer Program (ADTP) students, aims to recognize and support exceptional talents emerging from MCKL’s academic environment. This collaboration has facilitated the smooth transfer of credits for MCKL students seeking to continue their undergraduate studies at UWL. Eight ADTP students have successfully transferred credits to UWL, laying the foundation for a successful academic journey. 

The exclusive scholarship, amounting to USD7,500 per academic year, is a testament to the outstanding achievements of MCKL’s ADTP students. This financial support is exclusively reserved for MCKL ADTP students. On top of that, other eligible ADTP students who choose to transfer to UWL will still benefit from the ADTP-UWL Transfer Student Scholarship, valued at USD4,400 per year. 

Dr Chua Ping Yong, MCKL CEO (L) and Heather Pearson, International Articulations and Admissions Coordinator from University of Wisconsin La-Crosse (R) during the Exclusive Scholarship Contract Exchange Ceremony

UWL’s choice to extend exclusive scholarships to MCKL ADTP students is grounded in the outstanding success of MCKL’s ADTP program. This commitment to fostering talent aligns seamlessly with UWL’s dedication to providing the essential resources and facilities needed for international students. The positive feedback from MCKL students regarding UWL’s robust support system further underscores the mutually beneficial relationship between the institutions, reinforcing UWL’s commitment to investing in education and talent development. 

Jannon Tan Wei Ren, a Marketing major, and Aaron Alymann Jeyaraj, majoring in Computer Science, both recipients of the ADTP- UWL Transfer Student Scholarship, shared their positive experiences. Jannon highlighted UWL’s reputation in business programs and the welcoming community, while Aaron praised the affordability of fees, the Fast-Track master’s program for Software Engineering, and the supportive environment for research projects. 

Aaron Jeyaraj (L) and Jannon Tan (R), recipients of ATDP-UWL Transfer Student Scholarship

All ADTP courses at MCKL have undergone pre-evaluation by the articulation office at UWL, ensuring that course equivalencies are established between the two institutions. Strong academic advisors facilitate seamless enrolment in courses relevant to students’ intended majors or minors. This academic collaboration enhances the overall educational experience for ADTP students. 

In addition to the exclusive scholarship with UWL, MCKL has secured similar agreements with other U.S. universities, such as Messiah University and Virginia Wesleyan University. These partnerships further showcase MCKL’s commitment to providing diverse opportunities for its students to pursue higher education abroad. 

The exclusive scholarship agreement between MCKL and UWL marks a significant milestone in the institutions’ partnership. It not only demonstrates a commitment to academic excellence but also underscores the mutual goal of fostering a supportive and enriching educational environment for ADTP students. As MCKL continues to forge alliances with esteemed universities, the exclusive scholarships serve as a testament to the outstanding achievements of its students and the institutions’ dedication to nurturing the leaders of tomorrow.  

During the Exclusive Scholarship Contract Exchange Ceremony
ADTP in MCKL is now open for January, May, and August 2024 enrolment.  

MCKL’s ADTP Program offers a flexible credit transfer program that gives students a seamless transition to universities across the United States. Students will complete up to 60 credit hours in MCKL, and the remaining credits in the U.S. university. Students are given the opportunity to explore a wide range of courses from various fields, ranging from engineering, computer science, pure and applied sciences, business studies, liberal arts, and philosophy, before launching their career paths.  

2024 marks 10 years of ADTP excellence in MCKL. Over these years, MCKL partner universities have offered a plethora of exclusive scholarships and other merit-based scholarships for our ADTP students transferring to the U.S. Receiving such scholarships signifies academic excellence, boosting our student’s resume and opening doors for further academic and professional opportunities.