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I trained myself to improve my time management and no longer leave things to the last minute. I sought out a group of peers who would encourage one another to improve. I soon saw that college life was not just about studying, but also developing as a robust and societally-aware person.
Jilian Tai Ju-En
Australian Matriculation, MCKL
I have been told countless of times that the lecturers at university will not coddle the students like they do in high school. They will not sit down with you to pinpoint and fix your every mistake. The lecturers at MCKL neither spoon feed us nor leave us to drown in a sea of information. This was a great start for me and my peers.
Mandy Lai Pun Mun
Australian Matriculation, MCKLExcellence Award 2020 - ATAR 98.95
MCKL’s environment and courses helped provide a wider worldview and expose students to different mindsets, lifestyles and concepts that enriched the mind. We became more self-aware of our position in society, helping us see more than just ourselves, and developing our character to become more well-rounded.
Eunice Ling Sue Ann
Australian Matriculation, MCKLExcellence Award 2020 - ATAR 97.25
AUSMAT is definitely intense, debunking the myth that it is one of the ‘easier’ programmes. I remember having three assignments due per week for an entire month straight! However, this has definitely prepared me for the way my degree in university is structured, as it is also heavily assessment-based. I’m better at time management and planning ahead now, as well as working consistently throughout the semester. I remember MCKL explaining and guiding us on how to apply for universities in Australia through the UAC website, and the UAC application process itself is quite straightforward.
Therese Lee Jia Ern
Australian Matriculation, MCKL Bachelor of Education (Secondary) & Bachelor of Arts at University of Sydney, Australia

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